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The careful maintenance of children’s oral and dental health is critical to ensuring that they transition into adulthood with healthy teeth and gums. Children with poor oral and dental health early on in life can suffer from issues such as pain and infections, as well as other disorders relating to nutritional development, nutritional deficiency and social development.

The involvement of parents in protecting the dental health of their children is just as important as the role of the paedodontist. The first step to ensuring children look after their teeth and gums correctly is ensuring that their parents are properly informed with regards to the importance of good oral and dental hygiene in childhood.

In the treatment of paediatric patients, dental procedures require great attention and patience. In children who do not need immediate or emergency treatment, information is initially provided to the patient during a short check-up appointment. During their first visit, the various procedures and dental instruments used can be introduced gradually to avoid any dental phobias later in life. In children who cannot adapt to clinical conditions, any necessary dental treatments can be performed effectively under general anaesthetic or using sedation methods in the safety of a hospital environment.


Pediatric Dentistry Treatments

  •  Initial Check-Up
  •  Fluoride Application
  •  Closure of Fissures
  •  Preventative and Protective Treatments
  •  Place Holders (for gaps left by teeth lost too early in childhood)
  •  Treatment for Dental Trauma (resulting from accidents/injuries)
Dr. Özgür Yürük

Dr. Özgür Yürük

Manager - Dentist

Dr. Dinçer Yılmaz

Dr. Dinçer Yılmaz

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist

Dr. Hüseyin Biçer

Dr. Hüseyin Biçer

Pediatric Dentistry Specialist

Dr. Erhan Kaya

Dr. Erhan Kaya

Prosthodontic & Aesthetic Dentistry

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