In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 (“Law No.6698”), your personal data will be held under the supervision of the Private JAN Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic (The Private DOC Oral & Dental Health Polyclinic) within the scope of the conditions described below.

Your Personal Data;

1- Your name, surname, TR ID number, passport number or temporary TR ID number,

2- Your place and date of birth, marital status, gender, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other contact data

3- Your financial data, such as your billing information for invoices

4- Audio and / or digital information obtained from us by electronic or non-electronic methods from time to time

5- Your video and / or audio camera recording images that can be obtained and / or can be obtained during your visit to our clinic

6- Your general and special personal data, especially personal health data, obtained during the execution of patient registration procedures, medical diagnosis, examination, treatment and care services

7- The necessary details and information from the data provided by patients, including, but not limited to, your health and identity data and any other details that may be sent via our website and be processed by our clinic.

Purposes of Processing Personal Data;

– The fulfillment of our legal obligations under the Basic Law on Health Services No.3359, the Decree Law on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Health and its Affiliated Institutions, the Regulation on Private Hospitals, the Regulation on Processing and Ensuring the Privacy of Personal Health Data and other related regulations

– Protection of public health, preventive medicine, medical diagnosis, treatment and care services

– Healthcare and financing planning

– Invoicing for our services

– If you make an appointment, for the purpose of confirming such an appointment

– To keep patients informed of any relevant campaigns and notifications via call, text message, e-mail or other means

– Planning the internal functioning of our clinic in relation to medical supplies and practice layout and patient needs

– Monitoring and preventing misuse and / or unauthorized transactions

– Scientific research purposes

– In order to be able to answer all your questions and complaints about our health services

– For the purpose of taking all necessary technical and administrative measures within the scope of data security of our clinic’s systems and applications

– The detailed analysis of patient’s use of healthcare services in order to improve the standard of healthcare that we offer you, and the preservation of your health data, which is kept in accordance with the relevant legislation.

– Such details can be processed for similar purposes, including but not limited to, measuring patient satisfaction levels.

With Which Institutions And Organizations Can Your Personal Data Be Legally Shared?

• The Turkish Ministry of Health, ministry sub-units and connected centres of medicine and health

• The General Directorate of Security and other law enforcement agencies

• The General Directorate of Population

• The Turkish Pharmacists Association

• Judicial authorities

•Laboratories, medical centres, ambulances, medical devices and institutions providing healthcare services in Turkey or with those abroad with which we cooperate with for medical diagnosis and treatment

• Health institutions of which the patient was referred to or with whom the patient has applied independently

• Your authorized legal representatives

• Third parties that we may consult with, including lawyers, tax consultants and the auditors that we work with

• Regulatory and supervisory institutions and official authorities

• With your employer

• Our suppliers, support service providers, archive service providers and business partners whose services we benefit from or cooperate with (for more detailed information, you can obtain information by putting a request in writing to our clinic).

The Methodology and Legal Reasoning for Collecting Personal Data

Your personal data, in all kinds of verbal, written, visual or electronic media forms, may be collected and processed by the Private Jan Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic for the purposes as stated above in order to be able to carry out all kinds of work within the legal framework and within the scope of its contractual and legal obligations. Data is collected and processed in order for us to meet our contractual and legal obligations properly and in full. The laws in relation to this type of data collection from our patients are as follows;

• Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data,

• The Fundamental Law of Health Services No. 3359

• Decree Law No. 663 on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Health and its Affiliated Institutions

• The Regulation of the Private Hospitals Sector

• The Regulation on the Processing of Personal Health Data and the Protection of Privacy

• The Regulations of the Ministry of Health and similar legislative provisions.

Your Rights Regarding The Protection of Your Personal Data;

In accordance with the law and the relevant legislation;

• Learning whether your personal data is processed or not

• Requesting information if personal data has been processed

• Accessing and requesting your personal health data

• Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether said data is being used appropriately

• To know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom personal data may have been transferred

• To request correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing

• Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data

• In the event that personal data has been processed incompletely or inaccurately, to request the third parties to whom the personal data have been transferred to also be notified of the correction and / or the deletion or destruction of said personal data

• To right of the patient to object processed data analysis results obtained exclusively via automated systems 

• The right to demand damage compensation in the event of the unlawful processing or unauthorised sharing of your personal data.

Data Security and the Right to Apply

Your personal data is meticulously protected and utilized within the scope of all available technical and administrative possibilities and is provided at a security level considered suitable in accordance with any possible risks.

In order to carry out a request in relation to data protection laws, you can ask for a copy of the relevant application form entitled “Application Form Pursuant to the Law on Protection of Personal Data” and return the completed form via the following means:

• Via post to the clinic address: Tuzla Mah. M.Kemal Bulvarı 569/1 Sokak No: 2 Fethiye / Muğla

• You can send it officially via local public notary

• You can send it to via your electronic e-mail address