The Private DOC Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic/Dental Operation Center

Our founding head dental physician, Dr. Özgür Yürük, who has 20 years of professional  experience and expertise, initially opened the doors of the Private DOC Oral & Dental Health Polyclinic in March 2019, by combining a skilled group of specially selected dentists, covering all areas of dentistry, with a high quality and efficient team of warm, friendly, support staff and with the clear aim of providing the highest level of advanced dental care in the Fethiye region of South West Turkey.       

As DOC Clinic, we closely follow the newest, most modern innovations and developments in the field of dentistry, whilst also placing great importance on providing the highest levels of quality service in regards to dedicated patient care. We consistently strive to improve on the level of care experienced by each and every one of our patients.

Our extremely meticulous methods and highly disciplined attitude towards all types of dentistry, such as the specialist fields of implantology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, paedodontics, prosthetics, conservative treatments and aesthetic dentistry techniques, ensures that a distinctive, patient satisfaction-orientated and high level of care is provided to all patients consistently via our expert and hardworking team of professional and friendly dentists.

Due to our continued success and the dedicated loyalty and support of our many happy and satisfied patients, in February of 2021, both our skilled team and our clinic premises were expanded significantly as we moved to a new, larger and more central location in Fethiye. 

Our newly expanded, modern practice consists of a selection of bright and ergonomic clinic rooms, each of which has been specially designed in accordance with the various branches of dentistry in mind. At the clinic, all our dental and maxillofacial x-ray images are captured with state-of-the-art panoramic and 3D CBCT tomography radiological scanning equipment.

Our clinic also offers the latest Sirona CAD-CAM intra-oral scanner and shaping software technology, which allows for digital impressions (as opposed to traditional impression taking methods) and offers our patients the convenience and advantage of zirconia crowns, Emax and laminate veneers being carefully and expertly crafted in a digital environment efficiently in just a single day.

As the DOC team, we invite and warmly welcome both our domestic and international patients living in Fethiye, as well as those travelling from abroad for their dental treatment, to have a happy and healthy smile with us.

‘Smile with your DOC’

The DOC Team 




“To be the dental clinic that comes to mind for all types of dental treatment and one that is preferred and recommended by patients worldwide’’


“We exist for healthy teeth and smiles.”